Live Ice Carvings

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Live Ice CarvingsIce Art knows that the journey is just as important as the destination, which is why our live ice carvings are such a huge hit with the crowds. Watching an ice artist at work is one of the highlights of all art creations, and draws in huge crowds at any event. The process takes much hard work, time and effort and as each block of ice is sawed, chiselled and sculpted to perfection, you will be able to witness the entire creation, from start to glistening finish.

A huge amount of preparation goes into each piece, with tons of ice used to create even a seemingly simple sculpture, it is never as easy as it may seem! The entire Live carving process can normally take place within 1-2 hours for on site pieces depending on the design, and our ice artists put every ounce of creativity and energy into ensuring that their ice sculpture is flawless. To give you an idea of what goes into each creation, here is a breakdown of the live ice carvings process:

Preparation of the ice blocks at the Ice Art Factory

We use only crystal clear carving grade ice for our ice sculptures. The end result is perfect crystal clear blocks that weigh 150kg when harvested. Each glassy block is 1m by 0.5m by 0.25m and takes four days each to produce. These blocks are stored in our freezer once harvested, and is taken to site as a raw block to begin the carving process. The block is placed onto a plinth with lighting, and then the fun begins...

The transformation begins...

Using a range of equipment including Chainsaws, ice sculpture chisels, die grinders, angle grinders, specialised drilling bits, we are able to carve just about any conceivable thing into a spectacular sculpture made of ice. Animals, ice logos, replicas, ice bars, themed designs, vases.... and anything else you can imagine, can all be created from scratch, adding subtle details and effects. Watch one of our live ice sculpting acts, and we will demonstrate this truly spectacular art form – creating works of art from simple blocks of ice.

Adding the final touches

Once the chainsaw has been used to remove bulk ice, we then use finer chisels to carve the sculpture into perfect relief – adding details, and smoothing over any rough edges. The result is a breathtaking work appreciated by young and old alike. Live ice sculpting is simply not to be missed; contact Ice Art for details!
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